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Sébastien Drouin

Calendar 22 November 2018

Sébastien Drouin is Group IT Director (Chief Technology Officer) and a member of the Executive Committee. A graduate of HEC Montréal, Sébastien worked in Canada for five years. He arrived in France in 1998 where for 14 years he held positions in IT project management in various sectors of activity (Groupama Banque, merger of Crédit Lyonnais and Crédit Agricole for Helpline, Alliance Healthcare and Cephalon). In 2012, Sébastien moved to Australia (ATOS, then ES2) to head up major document management (DMS), information security (PCI-DSS) and collaboration (Sharepoint) programs in the public and energy sectors. On his return to France in 2014, he took over the management of the information systems at Imprimerie Nationale Group, where he was responsible for digital transformation. In 2018, Sébastien joined Jouve to help devise a new IT strategy and support the Group’s digital transformation.

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