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François Legaut

Calendar 22 November 2018

Engineering graduate of École Centrale de Lille, François has more than 20 years of experience in production management and the control of industrial processes.
After staring his career as a project manager at Faurecia in France and Brazil, he takes over as the manager of an Autonomous Production Unit in France where he implemented a continuous improvement program inspired by Toyota. Having this background, François joins Jouve in 2005 leading the projects related to data conversion (patents, ebook) and digitalization (banking, invoicing data) from Lens. Fulfilling his role, he manages a team of 80 employees and offshore sites (Sénégal, Madagascar).
In 2010, François becomes the manager of the Lens, Nancy and BNF sites. During this time, the most important projects are the implementation of Lean Management for all teams (at all levels) and the organization of the Customer Service Department by implementing the Net Promoter Score survey for customer satisfaction. After being in charge of managing the activities for digital production in France and at an international level in 2018, François becomes a member of the Executive Committee in May 2019.

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