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Calendar 9 August 2019

Alen Johnson, collaborator of Jouve in India will soon undertake a long journey and take up a real challenge!

He will be at the starting line together with other 6 673 participants of the mythic Paris-Brest-Paris cyclo-tourism trail in August 2019. Created in 1891, this trail will receive the representatives of more than 66 countries whose ages range from 18 to … 84 years old!

Alen will have to cycle 1 219 km and take the roads of 181 municipalities.

Cyclotourisme Alen johnson Jouve India

Let’s focus on his sporting background and his motivations.

Alen, how did your passion for sport develop?

I believe that I have always been keen on sport. During my studies, I was already practicing several sports including football. Over the years, I progressively abandoned sport, gained 20 kg and I was always panting and feeling tired. Being aware that this new lifestyle was impacting my health, I decided that the latter was a priority and that I needed to react quickly.

The story begins with my friend Deepan, a Marathoner / Ultra Runner. He motivated me to start walking then he helped me familiarise to running. He then introduced me to an Ironman in Chennai whom accompanied me to take on a new challenge… the marathons. Thanks to this encounter, I participated in more than 10 marathons!

My sportive background is therefore a succession of beautiful sportive encounters and a constant motivation to surpass myself.

How does one switch from running to cycling?

My friend Anil Sharma had considered that I was ready to discover a new sport… cycling. My first thought was that cycling would be easier to approach than running but I quickly understood how wrong I was! My first 50 km long-distance race has been the most difficult of my life and has required me to truly break my limits! This sport is so demanding… It requires a lot of practice and discipline.


Afterwards, I discovered that there is a cycling club in India called AUDAX INDIA RANDONNEURS-AIR which is the official representative of the AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN and I signed in. The Randonneurs Mondiaux memberships include different races of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 km. I started in 2015 with the 200 km race then I progressed over the years. In total, I have now travelled 26,116 km by bike and completed the 600 km race 4 times!

You are now heading towards France and the 1200 km. What drives you to accomplish this new challenge and trip?

I would never have imagined that my sporting engagement would lead me to so many challenges and to being selected for the Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux. I am proud to have been selected for this 1200 km in France.

It will also be the first time that I leave India to participate in an international race. And what a race! I see it as a new adventure that will lead me to France… where the headquarters of my company are. I am lucky that Jouve sponsors me, notably by financing my stay in paris and for the cycling gears. It has been essential for me to be able to participate. I really feel encouraged, it is a major boost. It is now up to me to make them proud and to cycle tirelessly to reach the finish line!



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