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Provide your users with a unique service

New methods of interacting with consumers and new patterns of buying and accessing useful information in real time. Tomorrow’s solutions and services are being invented every day.


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6 of the 15
leading online retailers in France entrust their business to Jouve


The solutions and services of tomorrow are being invented every day, from new ways of interacting with consumers to new patterns for buying and accessing useful information.

  • Reinventing customer experience
  • Harnessing innovation
  • Standing out, staying agile
  • Ensuring your new products’ success

Darty : Delivery app

This application is a huge success and is highly appreciated by both our delivery staff (100% of
them use the application) and our customers. By synchronizing our business processes throughout all our logistics platforms, we are able to offer our customers new high value services, such as the opportunity to choose a specific delivery time.” Antoine Rohmer, Project Director at Darty (France’s leading distributor of household appliances and
electronic products).

E-commerce :  mobile is king

Mobile devices offer higher conversion rates than computers and also provide a powerful means of prompting sales in store.

With their Mobile First strategy, Jouve and Pure Agency are the ideal partners for harnessing innovation and ensuring your success.

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