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Producing and distributing
your paper and digital content

New distribution methods in the publishing sector provide a formidable means of driving growth. Nevertheless, this digital shift requires reorganization, an overhaul of the entire editorial process, and changes to manufacturing processes. Editorial output can no longer be viewed as a finished product. Instead, we must now envisage all possible permutations based on ranges that offer a variety of content meeting readers’ new requirements.

Covering the entire editorial process from content creation to paper or digital distribution


Our experts harness the company’s expertise on process optimization and simplification, allowing you to optimize the design, production and management cycles of your editorial content.

How can knowledge of readers be gained and their requirements understood? Analytics technologies allow publishers to understand their readers’ habits. As such, the quality of segmentation is of strategic importance. With a view to leveraging these results, new production platforms now cater for all paper and digital media. Moreover, optimal enrichment solutions enable distribution to be adapted to the new habits of readers who are committed users of mobile devices, multi-media offerings, and on-line downloads.


  • Lefebvre Sarrut

    Jouve designed, developed, implemented and hosted a modular web platform common to the various subsidiaries of the Lefebvre Sarrut publishing group (Editions Dalloz, legislative editions, etc.).

  • Tissot

    As part of efforts to develop its online services, Tissot decided to bring its entire catalog and specific publications together on a single, universally accessible platform


Learn more about Jouve’s experience providing information management solutions for publishers and media production companies with these downloadable resource.


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