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Pharmaceuticals & Health

Reinvent the relationship between health professionals

Connected patients to improve monitoring and prevention

Against a backdrop of major challenges in terms of evolving healthcare requirements (open data, telemedicine, and rising healthcare costs), new patient pathways are emerging and steps are being taken to regulate these. Consent, access, objection, amendment, privacy, data security, information, medical confidentiality.

Follow-up data produced by personal sensors are shared on the cloud and provided to attending physicians.

Healthcare bodies must rationalize and automate their processes in order to adapt to these developments.

Jouve Digital solutions are applied to transforming French healthcare schemes

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Are you seeking to:

Public health issues
  • Sign up and monitor your patients online
  • Identify and analyze data from connected objects to determine trends and improve patient support
Business process optimization
  • Reallocate budgets to cover health costs
Health data hosting
  • Host your health data with a trusted service provider

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