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Insurance and social protection

Vision and optimized processing of your customers' data

In an increasingly regulated environment, compliance and customer intelligence are essential. Users are switching to mobile devices, your customers are becoming more autonomous, and transactions are being performed digitally. Moreover, collected data can be used to manage current and future relations. Online contracting, paperless declarations, IOT, and your customers’ and products’ digital identity play a key role in your business. New trends and regulations have caused the bubble to burst in terms of competition and business models. In this context, Jouve provides integrated solutions and expertise enabling you to cover the entire digital relationship process.


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Simplifying and customizing your user pathways while automating your business processes and leveraging your unused data

Mobile solutions:
  • Targeting and winning new customers online
  • Utilizing the most powerful web and mobile acquisition tools
  • Structuring your data
  • Providing cognitive opportunities
Automating and optimizing your business processes:
  • Digital transformation of your business processes and tasks
  • A practical solution for customer engagement.
Fraud detection:
  • Data from prospects
  • Documents
  • Cross-checking
  • Decision-making scoring.


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