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Industrial Property

Organizing patent production for international offices

With more and more patents being filed, Jouve helps international offices industrialize production methods and optimize productivity and quality.

Over 35 years’ expertise
of managing
and patent content

Managing a database of over 100 million patents with over 2 million updates per week, is the challenge we have met for over 35 years on behalf of the top international trademark and patent offices.

  • Search engine
  • Trademark clearance search
  • XML structuring

Productivity and quality – expert search

Data on trademark and patent applications require an effective industrial process and high-quality processing. Whether preparing applications, classifying large data volumes, or performing clearance or semantic searches, Flatirons Jouve can help you at each step of your business processes to ensure you are supplied with reliable, comprehensive information. This is combined with premium services enabling you to access this data easily.

Data Capture
  • A platform for managing physical and digital flows
  • Data acquisition online and by e-mail
  • Letters, documents, photos
  • Messages, email attachments
  • Faxes
Data Process
  • Paperless processes
  • Image processing
  • Data extraction
  • Enrichment
  • Data reconciliation
  • Quality checks
  • Communication portals
  • Web, tablets, mobile
  • Printing, dispatch
  • Email and SMS campaigns
  • Software development
  • EDM & Workflow
  • Physical archiving

The European Patent Office (EPO) optimises the quality and distribution of its patent publications with Jouve

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