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Construction Market
and Real Estate

Equipping the construction industry to benefit from digital technology

The construction sector employs over 1.5 million people in France and is undergoing significant change with the introduction of laws on energy transition.
Digital solutions meet the specific requirements of large-scale projects in this industry.

Addressing challenges
in terms of training
and process optimization

When :

  • training its experts in new environmental standards or new smart building technologies,
  • optimizing documentation management and improving operational efficiency,

the construction industry looks to Jouve for its expertise.


The French Construction Quality Agency (AQC) brings together 38 construction-sector professional organizations that share one common goal – to prevent disorder in the building trade and improve construction quality. The organization commissioned Jouve to launch the digital publication of 27 sets of guidelines for building trade professionals.


JOUVE implementation expertise:

  • Editorial, coordination and management
  • Typesetting, Epub et PDF
  • Web and mobile reader

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