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Customer intelligence and regulatory compliance – innovation harnessed to establish trust

User habits are changing with ownership of mobile and connected devices on the rise, digitization of the entire relationship process, applications in the cloud, and more accessible, simplified digital pathways.

A tougher stance is being taken on regulatory compliance in terms of preventing fraud and money laundering, and strengthening digital identity.

Competition is growing stiffer with newcomers revolutionizing practices and models.


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The 6 largest French banks trust Jouve

Building tomorrow’s businesses with unprocessed data

Jouve offers integrated solutions and expertise enabling you to address the entire digital relationship process and revitalize your business.

Are you seeking to:

Simplify and customize your user pathways
  • Target and inform prospects in order to win new customers online
  • Offer simplified and automated acquisition
  • Leverage your data and identify cognitive opportunities
Automate and optimize your business processes
  • Reduce processing time and costs
  • Optimize your business processes and automate tasks with low added value
Detect fraud
  • Check data from your prospects and their documents
  • Perform crosschecking using open databases and networks

You can rely on Jouve as your partner

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