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Mobile Capture

Speed up your enrolment and selfcare processes and make them more reliable

A true digital innovation, Jouve Mobile Capture makes it easier for individuals to subscribe to a service, a product or update their customer account. The solution accelerates and makes reliable the enrolment and contractualization processes and allows the capture and control of supporting documents in real time. Usable in multi-channel mode, through a mobile app or tablet, as from a web browser, it has been designed to meet the needs of banks and insurance companies.

Available in SaaS or “on premise” modes, it can be easily integrated into the customer IS to optimize customer processes. Thus, from a photo taken with a mobile terminal or a scan, the application allows to:

Very robust document analysis tools

Using the solution, it is possible to check a wide variety of supporting documents from multiple sources (scanner, smartphone, tablet, etc) in real time. It offers an innovative combination of document typing and data extraction methods requiring no prior complex modeling. Moreover, it includes advanced real-time 3D -> 2D conversion optimizing analysis of images and text, resulting in a highly intuitive user experience during capture.


Download our product file and discover a solution that captures and checks supporting documents in real time. t is available as SaaS or “on premises”, integrating smoothly with the client’s IS to optimize customer processes.

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