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Robotic IP Docketing

INDUSTRIALIZE - AUTOMATE - SECURE your administrative tasks for patent management

The filing of a patent is never an easy process, for each patent filed there are on average more than 1,000 actions / interactions to conduct. In addition, the procedure imposed by the various national and international patent offices must be respected, with the risk of losing its legal protection or of slowing down the overall process.
Many of these actions / interactions are purely administrative, and they take a considerable part of a day of a paralegal. Faced with the growing number of patents and / or extensions, you can recruit more paralegal assistants or industrialize the processing of emails and documents.

After more than 30 years of collaboration with the European Patent Office (EPO) and many national offices, Jouve has developed document recognition, data extraction and compliance verification for trademark or patent filing, renewals and extensions.

In 2019, Jouve decided to make this technology available to patent attorneys and companies legal departments, with the launch of its Robotic IP Docketing solution.



Based on our long-term experience in patent management and our skills in artificial intelligence and document management, the Robotic IP Docketing solution is a valuable aid for all professionals who have to deal with large volumes of emails and documents.

Connected to your email server, the solution processes all incoming emails to extract, classify and route all content to the correct folder in your document storage solution and PMS.

The solution also collects communications from patent offices to extract key data and action requests. On these documents, special attention is paid to the extraction and calculation of the deadline.

Time saving
Strong responsiveness

Better cost management
Reduced risk of error

How does it work ?


Artificial intelligence,
Recognition and automatic extraction of content from documents,
Image processing.

In addition to automated processing, our operators are trained in patent procedures to control and perform tasks beyond machine processing.

Monitoring tools make it possible to follow the cases in real time. It is also an auditable track to monitor the quality, repeatability of the docketing and communication management.

To discover the advantages of this solution designed specifically for the patent market, which is easily set to the document management system of your law firm or department, contact for a demo! If you want to discover this solution in German language, please see here.

Contact-us for a demo !

One of our IP experts will give you all the necessary details to implement this solution within your organization

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