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Publication of Content

Optimizing the design, production, and management of editorial content

Jouve specializes in producing multi-media content, covering the entire editorial process from content creation to paper or digital distribution.

Our experts harness the company’s expertise on process automation and simplification, allowing you to optimize the design, production, and management cycles of your editorial content.

Manage your content
from production
to distribution

Manage the entire document production process using Jouve’s cross-disciplinary expertise enabling you to publish in various formats (paper, Web, syndication, ebook, etc.) through multiple channels, while also limiting your production costs..

Analytics & Big Data

The age of all users receiving the same content is over. Content must now be adapted and customized by segment and profile in order to meet professionals’ requirements. Knowledge of your users is vital for achieving this. A wide variety of technology is available so please contact us and we will look into your project.

Typesetting & Page setting

  • Producing mock-ups
  • Simultaneous paper and digital typesetting
  • Automated and interactive typesetting
  • Image processing and photo engraving
  • Enrichment management and XML conversion

Our projects


Dalloz is one of the leaders in professional and university legal publishing in France.

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The group wanted to optimise the use of its documentary resources by pooling the web content of all its subsidiaries.

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CNED has selected Jouve to create an application enabling it to offer its registrants, particularly internationally, access to dematerialized course materials on tablets and smartphones.

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