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Document Engineering

Optimizing corporate information governance

Information governance is a key step in digital transformation, enabling you to classify, collate, and secure information. It increases your agility, while enabling you to comply with regulations such as the GDPR.

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We deploy ECM
solutions meeting
your specific

Creating, managing, and structuring enterprise document repositories

Enterprise content management platforms enable public bodies and large companies to manage their content more effectively.

Our experts harness the full potential of these platforms by configuring and customizing them so they meet your requirements and cater for existing applications, enabling you to manage the entire life cycle for content

Reduce searching time and get the most out of information

  • Make information accessible to the right people at the right time,
  • Monitor access and use of information,
  • Protect data and documents against misuse,
  • Benefit from a centralized point of access for searching information,
  • Classify information as early as possible,
  • Only retain useful information,
  • Respond quickly to requests during audits,
  • Prove the reliability and integrity of data and documents.

Altarea Cogedim

Altarea Cogedim launches its digital transformation project with Jouve

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