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Customer Acquisition

A more reliable method for prospect sign ups and subscriptions

#Real-time EIC (Establishment of Initial Contact) – Jouve deploys its document recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to provide a tailored response speeding up your sales pathways for complex products. With advanced document checking, your sales processes will be fully secure and compliant with regulations.


Processing of supporting documents

Compliance Regulations Fraud prevention

Jouve Mobile Capture, innovative offer honoured by the banking industry

Our projects

Harmonie Mutuelle

As part of its "Vision 360 members" digital transformation program, Harmonie Mutuelle is accelerating the digitalization of its services.

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The CPAM of Paris has entrusted the Jouve Group with the "Video-coding of paper care sheets, in insured and third-party payment market.

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The Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens is a public establishment operating part of public transport in Paris and its suburbs

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