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Business process optimization

Business process optimization - a fundamental digital transformation

Too often, digital transformation only concerns the visible tip of the iceberg, with clients’ front offices first to benefit from major developments and fashionable digital technologies. However, these superficial changes have no significant impact if the back office fails to make the appropriate adjustments.

35 M
letters per year

120 M
digitized pages

3 M
single-page letters

250 M
processed pages

1500 M
fields indexed


Innovative technologies
enhancing business processes

We support you in the transformation of your business processes by offering cross-channel dematerialization services, EDM platforms, documentary and business workflows.


Jouve’s flair for industrialization and innovation has made it a major market operator, providing expert services helping you outsource and optimize your document management processes.

Technologies and Services

Make the most of our innovative technology modules including multi-channel customer pathways, machine learning for document classification, semantic enrichment, and automated back-office operations.

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