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Würth France commissions Jouve to set up a platform enabling sales representatives to perform automated searches for catalog references

Calendar 27 April 2018

Paris, 22 June 2015 – With over 416 companies in 84 countries, the Würth Group is the global leader for business sales of fastening and assembly equipment. Würth owes much of this success to a team of over 30,000 sales representatives, the largest B2B sales force in the world.

In this project, Würth France enlisted the Jouve Group’s services and expertise to set up a new platform enabling automated searches of its catalog references.

The aim is to enable optimized searches of 38,000 catalog references based on interest in products expressed by Würth France’s 240,000 customers. This platform will help optimize and speed up processing of quotation requests.

This new service addresses a host of critical company priorities:

  • An operational priority. Automated searches using this process must offer benefits in terms of time and productivity in the routine management of quotations by sales representatives.
  • A commercial priority. This new tool must also allow quotations to be processed faster for customers, freeing up sales representatives to prospect for new business.
  • A financial priority. The new system will enable significant reductions in the number of staff assigned to low-added-value inputting activities.
    Jouve will draw on its expertise and ability to manage the whole process, from the consultancy phase to the end solution, to provide Würth with a lasting, stable, and scaleable open-source solution.

In technical terms, a web interface will simplify automatic integration of existing repositories (Würth catalog, correspondence dictionary, etc.) with automatic analysis and conversion of customer syntax to internal syntax in order to produce relevant results files.

This interface offers users numerous benefits – it is quick and easy to use, offers instant and relevant results, and dictionary updates are controlled and simple.

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