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Thélem Assurances receives an innovation award for its Tariflash application developed with Jouve.

Calendar 27 April 2018

Paris, 11 October 2016. Thélem received the digital innovation prize at the 15th Trophées de l’assurance awards for its Tariflash application.

This innovative application developed with support from the Jouve Group allows users to access real-time motor insurance quotes on the web and mobile devices.

Having integrated the ‘Jouve Mobile Capture‘ solution, Thélem Assurances can now offer an unprecedented user experience. In just two clicks, users can access a customized online quote.

Jouve Mobile Capture is one of the group’s major innovations, simplifying document classification and ensuring that extracted information is exceptionally reliable allowing users to take out policies more quickly.

Jouve Mobile Capture was also awarded one of the prestigious prizes handed out at the Banque & Innovation event that took place on 27 and 28 September last year in Paris.

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