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Jouve Group helps Thélem Assurances innovate and launch ‘Tariflash’

Calendar 9 January 2017 | User Jouve

Jouve Group helps Thélem Assurances innovate and launch ‘Tariflash’

Digital service company Jouve has developed an innovative application for Thelem Assurances offering an unprecedented user experience.  Having integrated the ‘Jouve Mobile Capture’ solution, Thelem Assurances can now offer motor insurance quotes in real time on web and mobile devices. 

‘Tariflash’ – an innovative solution simplifying motor insurance management

Eager to optimize the user experience and simplify often complex and time-consuming processes relating to motor insurance, Thélem Assurances launched ‘Tariflash’.

By accessing, users can save precious time and get an instant quote.

In practice, users log in to the application and either take a picture of the photos on their vehicle registration certificates and identity documents or download them directly. Once they have entered their no claims bonus, they instantly receive a quote.

Using this simple and practical solution, it is possible to get a customized online quote in just two clicks

 ‘Tariflash’ is also available as an Apple and Android app, offering the greater simplicity and accessibility. Additional mobile features are also available enabling users to call an advisor or share their experiences on social media. 

Jouve Mobile Capture chosen   

Using its innovative Jouve Mobile Capture solution for processing official documents, the Jouve Group was able to overcome issues relating to the extraction and compliance of data from vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses.

Jouve Mobile Capture simplifies document classification and ensures that extracted information is exceptionally reliable, allowing users to take out policies more quickly.

In partnership with its affiliate Pure Agency specializing in mobile marketing, the Jouve Group also provided users with the means of implementing the ‘Tariflash’ document solution online and on mobile devices and developed responsive mobile applications.

Lionel Machado, Information Systems and General Resources Manager at Thélem Assurances, explained: ‘We are thrilled that we chose the Jouve Group to assist us with our project on optimizing the user experience for motor insurance. Users can now get the quote they need in real time with just two clicks of a mouse.  This partnership has optimized our customer relations and helped us increase our responsiveness and transparency’.

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