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The Paris CPAM commissions the Jouve Group to provide automated recognition and video coding of its paper medical claim forms.

Calendar 27 April 2018

Paris, 20 January 2014 Following a tendering process, the local sickness insurance fund (CPAM) for Paris awarded the contract for ‘video coding of medical claim forms for insured party payment and third party payment’ to the Jouve Group.

The Paris CPAM chose the Jouve Group for its industrial dimension, expertise in the social protection sector, and over 10 years’ experience in video coding medical claim forms.

To ensure service quality, teams at Jouve developed a specific workflow for processing medical claim forms. They also provide handwriting recognition, video coding, data quality control, and data transfer via secure connections.

All these services are supplied within a contractual deadline of one working day.

Jouve uses its innovations and the solutions deployed to guarantee processing of 4 million medical claim forms per year while also ensuring data confidentiality and security.

A major player in document process outsourcing (incoming mail, invoices, contracts, patents, etc.), Jouve is consolidating its position in the health care sector.

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