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Jouve designs a system for the production and multi-channel distribution of Renault user manuals

Calendar 27 April 2018

Paris, 3 February 2014 – The Jouve Group has been helping Renault to produce and distribute its user manuals for over 15 years. This partnership has resulted in joint R&D investment and the development of a document production system. Using the new platform, it is possible to industrialize paper and digital production of all user manuals and ensure their multi-channel distribution.

A single repository and simultaneous production

In order to meet industrial production objectives for Renault Group multi-media user manuals, leading digital operator Jouve harnessed all the Group’s expertise (information systems, content typesetting and enhancement, web design, and digital printing) to develop a centralized and shared document production system that can subsequently be adapted and rolled out for the group’s other brands such as Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors.

This editorial platform covers the entire production cycle for structured user manual content.  It includes a translation system with an authoring memory system, automated structuring, an overview and multilingual layout (32 languages) and simultaneous production of paper, Web (eGuide), and smartphone (iGuides for IOS and Android) versions. Moreover it will soon be available for vehicles’ on-board systems (RLink).

Renault has also commissioned the Jouve Group to develop a mobile app offering new drivers a simple, green, and effective way of accessing the user manual on their smartphones or tablets.

‘New challenges have arisen for the automotive industry due to the emergence of new technologies combined with the strategic objective of increasing interaction with our customers. As such, it has become a priority for our company to provide drivers with digital versions of user manuals. These new multi-media, enhanced formats enable genuine interaction with drivers as soon as they start driving their vehicles and we can also offer them dynamic updates.’, explains a Renault executive.

Teams from Jouve with expertise in new mobility trends were responsible for the ergonomic and graphic design of the interface based on Renault graphic standards and also developed a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms (Adobe Flex framework for mobiles).


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