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INSEE places its trust in the Jouve Group

Calendar 27 April 2018

INSEE has entrusted the Jouve Group with population census data acquisition for the whole of French territory.

Following a tendering process, the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) commissioned the Jouve Group to process more than 14 million population census forms per year.

Jouve is working with INSEE to acquire population census forms and systematically check these to ensure that data are complete. Following the census period when 14 million questionnaires are collected as hard copies or online, the 24 INSEE regional directorates send 700,000 questionnaires to Jouve every week for processing.

The hard copy forms are unfolded, digitized on high-volume scanners, and automatically analyzed to extract all the data from them. They are then collated with the online questionnaires. Jouve has set up an automated industrial production line and a secure production website dedicated exclusively to this project.

Images acquired following this stage are processed by optical character recognition software and data are checked and/or input during the video coding stage. With online information gathering on the rise, Jouve also plays the important role of synchronizing the two channels and checking that data are complete.

By automating daily streams and implementing workflows, it is possible to track progress with production and ensure that project deadlines are met. Jouve’s logistic expertise enables us to manage 14 million questionnaires consisting of 60 million pages while also ensuring their traceability.


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