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Eiffage commissions the Jouve Group to process its supplier invoices

Calendar 27 April 2018

Paris, 18 January 2016The Eiffage group has commissioned digital service company Jouve to scan and video code up to 2.4 million paper supplier invoices per year.

Eiffage is a leading European construction firm whose business activities are focused on the construction industry, real-estate development, road construction, civil engineering, metal construction, energy, and concessions.

Outsourcing paperless supplier invoices will help improve the productivity of Eiffage support services provided through the Eiffage Global Services shared service center, which is gradually being set up and brings together the group’s accounts payable departments.

Following a tendering process, Eiffage commissioned Jouve for a 5-year contract. Eiffage staff were impressed by Jouve’s ability to respond to the specified requirements.

‘For over 10 years, Jouve has offered a full invoice processing service combining advanced ADR/ADI technologies and recognized expertise. Using these assets, Eiffage can be sure of optimizing the performance and management of its accounts processing system and improve relations with its suppliers.

As part of this project, Eiffage suppliers will send all their paper invoices to Jouve and it will perform the following services:

  • Receipt/preparation and digitization of physical streams
  • Processing of images created with scanning software, data monitoring, and inputting during the video coding phase
  • Administration of the data hosting and monitoring platform
  • Temporary archiving of physical streams
  • Data and images sent to the OPERIS solution, which is the Eiffage Group’s central information system

Using the hosting platform deployed, Eiffage staff will be able to:

  • Monitor all production stages using the dashboards and reporting tools
  • View all processed invoices online throughout the project
  • Check invoices temporarily identified as non-compliant, and remotely amend or supplement these invoices before incorporating them in OPERIS.

By choosing Jouve to digitize its paper invoices, Eiffage is hoping to increase its operational efficiency and productivity, optimize its processes, and streamline a

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