Publishing tools and systems

Automate the layout of your works and optimize their multi-format distribution

The world of publishing has to face up to new challenges: optimization of production cycles, multi-media availability, print quality etc.

To reduce lead-times in the production of both printed and electronic works, Jouve has developed collaborative, professional services for automated typesetting. As an industrial company which has specialized in content processing since 1903, Jouve deploys all its expertise in process automation and simplification to assist in the production of your works, covering the entire editorial process.

optimiser processus publication

Streamline your manuscript development & review processes

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composition papier et numérique

A simultaneous paper and digital typesetting collaborative platform

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Freely distribute your digital publications.

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Plateforme de production

Optimize the translation and multiformat production of your content !

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production et publication crossmédia de vos contenus éditoriaux

Jouve Smart Publishing is a powerful solution for editing cross-media documents. It allows you to optimize the production  of your print and digital publications in a single stream.

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