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A partner by your side to breath life into your communications and help serve users better

Do you manage content distribution within an administrative body, an institution or organization?

Whatever type of content (regulations or laws, procedures, intellectual property, heritage, etc.), you need a partner you can trust, with a proven methodology, to:

  • provide services to the public by the implementation of electronic administration (digitization of data and procedures),
  • manage and publish the digitized content on all distribution media (BDD, DMS solutions),
  • reduce your costs and open up your information system to ensure interoperability, while deriving the benefits of Open Source but still protecting the confidentiality of sensitive data and their processing,
  • meet your requirements, in terms of volumes and timescales, of institutional communication and crisis communication.

The key expertise for all stages of your projects

From consultancy to project management of your projects covering digitization, data mining, sharing information via information systems (portal, EDS, workflow, collaborative management) or multi-channel distribution, you can profit from Jouve's expertise at each stage of your projects:

  • consultancy and advice for users to ensure internal buy-in and guarantee successful change,
  • digitization both of data and of the processes to store content, simplify transfers and distribution,
  • conversion and structuring, multi-lingual and synoptic type-setting and page-setting.
  • information systems,
  • design, development and hosting of websites (open source and proprietary solutions),
  • on-demand printing of your publications,
  • multi-channel distribution (web, paper, CD-ROM, audio/video, eBook, etc.).

Knowing that accessibility is a prime concern for an electronic public administration, Jouve has harnessed its wealth of experience and know-how, combined with the skills of employees trained by Accessiweb on both the functional and technical aspects.

Our design and development teams work in close collaboration with the main creators of the standards, and the software houses who create both software and technical tools. These partnerships enable Jouve to produce sites which comply with the various standards.
As a partner of administrative bodies, international organizations and institutions for many years, the Group can provide you with a range of global services to benefit on a daily basis from digitized and simplified processes.

Thanks to the breadth and interaction of its know-how, Jouve allows you to distribute information and make it accessible to a wide public efficiently and completely securely.