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Jouve Automatic Document Engine

Opt for a large-scale automated document recognition/imaging solution proven to be effective

lecture et reconnaissance automatiques de documents

Document recognition of a large variety of documents and their processing within a limited time pose a series of difficulties to overcome:

  • Modeling of documents, with maintenance of the model collection over time
  • Pre-digitizationpaper processing, reduced to a minimum
  • Handling of hand-filled or hand-written documents
  • Sufficient performance of OCR engines
  • Robust workflowfor document processing
  • Sufficiently productive tools for recovery by operators
  • Simple administration and supervisionfor the solution

Our solution provides innovative solutions for each of these challenges.


Jouve automated document recognition/imaging is a performance-oriented large-scale digitization solution.
It stands out from traditional solutions through its integrated approach of the entire value chain, including reception and preparation.

It focuses heavily on large-scale processing and offers a rich combination of strategies for automation, verification and video-coding.

The solution includes:

  • Complete traceabilityof application records received
  • A philosophy for chain design production
    • Better quality/productivity ratio
    • Automatic/manual
  • A strong technological component
    • Performance
    • Can incorporate Jouve technologies or market technologies
  • Complete management of service level
    • Time frames, quality, availability, traceability
  • A distributed and modular architecture
    • Adapted to client needs and to production needs (e.g. off-site premises, SaaS mode services)
    • Controlled setup/development costs
  • Tried and tested reliability
    • Cofinoga, Macif AG2R, CPAM, Sesam Vital, ANTS, and others
  • Security
    • Destructuring/anonymization of data for operator recovery
  • Encryption

It enables definition, based on an algorithm toolkit, of strategies of various types, tailored to each type of document stream.

It ensures, via a user-friendly instrument panel, sophisticated control that is easy to configure of the use of personnel, documents and technical resources.