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Externalized Processes

Jouve takes over the handling of your business processes on its own platforms, and is committed to providing levels of service tailored to your needs:
  • Delivery times
  • Quality and accuracy of images from documents generated
  • Level of quality of reconstituted information
  • Certificate of conformity confirming verifications carried out per file
  • Platform availability 
  • Recovery times in cases of minor or major incidents
  • No data loss
  • Confidentiality and auditability of production installations


Jouve document externalization services allow you to rapidly process and disseminate your digitized streams based on type:

  • Externalized, incoming, circulating, or outgoing mail
  • Files and contracts
  • Administrative documents & forms
  • Suppliers' invoices
  • Healthcare invoices
  • Documents related to fraud, for authenticity analysis

All these document streams undergo Jouve technologies for advanced optical character recognition (OCR) (typed or handwritten) and automated document recognition that have already been proven across hundreds of millions of pages.
Jouve also provides distinguishing expertise on the externalization of back-office business operations, on client tools, or using its own solutions.

Large corporations and institutions have trusted us with delivering efficient and reliable solutions for managing digital document streams.

Simplify and unify the management of your supplier invoice stream!

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Accelerate enrollment and subscription of your future clients!

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Optimize processing of your forms and surveys

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