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Industry and services

Automating processes to enhance customer relations

Industry and service companies, different markets but a common aim: to be competitive

International competitive pressure, improving customer relations and complying with new standards are all factors in the structural development of the telecoms, utilities, automobile or even the luxury goods markets... They force companies of all sizes into an in-depth strategic review which leads them back to refocusing on their core expertise, improving their internal processes and better managing customer relations.

What is at stake: ensuring customer satisfaction at the best possible cost

Improving the performance of production cycles and ensuring that service is placed at the very heart of their strategy, are important steps towards becoming more competitive. Manufacturing or service companies all need experienced partners to assist them in introducing innovative practices, particularly in outsourcing and improving their business processes. This process combines cost-reductions and quality of performance in order to achieve operational excellence at optimum cost.

Why Jouve ?

As a service provider, the Jouve Group is a multi-channel operator who can assist you with major transitions in the industrial and services sectors. In touch with its customers' values, Jouve promotes continuous improvement in business processes and progress plans, to optimize both the financial and human aspects. Our company puts our technology skills, together with our innovative ability in different business sectors, to work for our customers in the deployment of high-value-add processing chains, from acquiring information to its multi-media distribution.