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Making your service more powerful and more efficient

The challenge of modernization

Communications from administrative bodies, institutions or international organizations are constantly evolving to meet the growing demands from the public and swingeing budgetary cuts. The reorganization of management processes and of the circulation of information to users allows significant savings to be found, while optimizing the quality of the services. Managing change within administrative bodies and organizations is a key factor in successful modernization.

Modernization to help performance

Performance for players in this sector means:

  • Improving the service provided to members of the public by implementing electronic administration tools (digitizing data and remote procedures) and new technologies
  • Developing multi-channel contacts with the public
  • Compensating for reductions in staff levels
  • Combating fraud
  • Reducing costs and shortening delivery times
  • Managing information system interoperability, while improving the confidentiality of sensitive data
  • Managing peak or regular demands for institutional communications or crisis communication

Why Jouve?

A partner of many years standing of public administrative bodies, international organizations, institutions and associations, Jouve provides a range of global services to allow you to benefit on a daily basis from digitized, simplified processes.
Whether through consultancy on the implementation of digitization, the presentation and sharing of information via information systems (portals, DMS, collaborative workflow) or multi-channel distribution systems, Jouve uses its know-how to help you at each of the different stages of your projects.
Our specialized teams create a procedure to optimize processes, whatever type of information is being disseminated (regulations or laws, procedures, intellectual property, heritage, etc.).


Jouve: for digital access to our cultural heritage

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