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Leader in eBook conversion

Jouve is a well-established publishing services provider that has become the global leader in ebook production. The company designs, promotes and distributes content in a variety of paper and digital formats. Our focus on continuous innovation and our solid international presence allow us to stay ahead of technology trends and new digital usage patterns to offer value-added solutions to publishing industry players and large organizations.

Leader in eBook conversion

Our range of services is based on systems either deployed on client sites or in hosting mode, and covers the entire editorial value chain within a collaborative environment  Jouve is a leader in eBook format conversionof works in the United States and in Europe and also offers web distribution systems and à la carte publishing.

  • Content preparation for multi-format distribution (electronic, interactive and paper formats)
  • Multilingual typesetting
  • Multimedia enhancement, animated contents
  • Definition and implementation of editorial solutionsand of collaborative composition(workflows, author management)
  • Re-conversion from paper and pdf works to create digital books (eBooks) and interactive files